Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"We the People Occupy" Activists Not "Anti-Corporation" Activists!

The activists on Wall Street need to stay until the top four American corporations sitting on two trillion dollars, more than the GDP of Canada, open up or create significant positions for those from modest families (low-income to low to middle income).

The American Dream is supposed to be for everybody, not just for the top echelon and their friends and family, yet many have worked without benefits and pay raises only thinking that one day their talents would be recognized and rewarded with a good life. Americans are now challenging the myth that people could get in with a company at an entry level and have opportunity within a company to excel. Yet for the last forty years, excelling has only been granted for those in the corporate pipeline. Those who were seldom placed in the coprorate pipeline are married low-income women, women, and women including low-income and minority males.

People are fit to be tied over the reality of unfairness, where a person has to know someone before they can even be hired at a company. People are fit to be tied over the reality of creidit history that has been devised as a vehichle for legal discrimination.

It is amazing that Wall Street has been so unaware of its indirect actions, but how directly people have been offended by them. It is amazing that Wall Street doesn't even know what the masses want or how the masses feel. So since Wall Street doesn't know what the activists want, the following list may help clarify. Occupy Wall Street want equal access to the American Dream: fairness, opportunity to excel within a company, a piece of the American Pie, fulfilled promises, American expectations, sustainable and growing incomes,vacations and job security. They want their government to care more about its citizens than about satisfying special interest and corporations. They want jobs so they can feed their families or even start a family. They want the government to tax corporations and the rich at a higher level.

Americans are tired of the politics and hoopla of media. Americans have given their all, and now Americans want government and corporations to give their all to the people. People are tired of the smoke screens, and they are tired of being used and abused. So, how did this all come about?

Surely, if our government can bail out banks and corporations with $700B, then the U.S. government can print some more money for the masses, so the masses can create the jobs needed for sustainability. This is what the people think. The $700B bailout just turned sour grapes into bitter wine. Corporations were supposed to create jobs, or so this is what the people were told, but the 4 largest corporations in America are not creating jobs, but are sitting on their trillions of dollars. Banks were supposed to help people stay in their homes, but people are still being thrown out of their homes since they cannot make the mortgage payments. More people are homeless, starving, without health insurance coverage, and facing defaults on their student loans.

Americans are ready and organized to OCCUPY until. Good for YOU, America!

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